Lunia Studio


I develop websites that connect organisations to customers.



Reach out to your customers, showcase your products and services and generate quality leads. Your website is an opportunity to connect you to the wider world.

Web Apps

Deliver more for your customers by supercharging your website with extra features. Add an online store, membership area and anything you can imagine.


Provide behind-the-scenes information to your technology partners in real time. Secure API access adds a new dimension to what you can offer.


Create your own cloud app with Software as a Service. Take on your industry with a brand new, niche product or use your unique ideas to improve an existing service.

Enjoy the highest possible search engine score for your website.





Best Practices




Built-in compliance.

Despite accessibility laws in the EU and North America, only 2% of websites pass an audit.

15% of people who have access to the Internet have a vision impairment. 14% can use a website unassisted if the site is designed to comply with accessibility standards. The websites I design meet these standards, so you can grow your audience and stand out from your peers and competitors at no extra cost and without doing a thing.

I follow a structured approach to every project that ensures you get the most from your website.


Clarify goals and identify services


Plan and create framework


Source and create marketing material


Define and build user interface


Write code and integrate content


Test, refine and deploy

Right. From the start.

While CMS themes help a designer build a website in a hurry, they can seriously limit your website's potential.

Every web designer has been there. We're in a hurry to get a website off the ground, so we find a CMS theme we like and shape our content and brand around it. Soon enough we start to compromise as we realise the theme can't quite do what we need it to. We try to tweak the theme, but it never quite works. Eventually, we realise we're spending more time trying to change a theme to suit us than we would have spent building our own website in a pure code stack from the start. I've learnt to avoid wasting time and causing frustration by always designing and coding directly in HTML, CSS, PHP and vanilla JS.

Before I begin a project, I ask clients four questions.

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Value added

Get even more from your website with free added services.

Lead Form

Get form messages in your email inbox

Unlimited submissions

GDPR-compliant lead management


Track conversions and unique visits

Zero performance overhead

No annoying cookie consent popup


Let's start a conversation!

If you like my work, let's chat and see if we're a good fit for your next project. I'm based in Tbilisi, Georgia. You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn Profile.